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Taking out a mortgage is possibly the most important financial decision for most Spaniards, so we need to be aware of the commitments we are assuming and the options on offer.

Mortgage agreements last for a long time, so it is important to consider not only the terms and conditions at the start, but also the circumstances that may arise in the course of the life of the loan that could alter those terms and conditions.

Law 5/2019Abre en ventana nueva on real estate credit agreements, which also transposes Directive 2014/17/EU into Spanish law, responds to the need to protect the legal certainty, transparency and comprehensibility of these agreements.

How do we arrange a mortgage? Do we opt for fixed or variable rate? How much will the instalment payments be? These and other questions are answered in our Mortgage section, and don’t forget to use our simulators to calculate your instalment payments.

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