Have you finished repaying your mortgage?


Now you just need to remove the discharged mortgage from the Land Registry. If you want to do this yourself, you need to:

  1. Ask your bank for a mortgage certificate of release (“certificado de cancelación ecónomica” or “certificado de deuda cero”). This is free of charge.
  2. Find a notary and give them the certificate so they can draw up a deed of cancellation of mortgage, and contact your bank, for them to send a representative. The notary will charge you a fee for their services, but the bank is not allowed to charge for sending their representative to sign the deed.
  3. Visit your regional government offices and fill out the stamp duty (IAJD) form, which will be exempt from payment.
  4. Take all three documents (certificate of release, deed of cancellation and copy of the tax form) to the Land Registry. You will need to pay the registry fees.

You can ask your bank to handle these formalities for you, but they will be entitled to charge a fee. However, they must inform you of the cost beforehand.

Lastly, there is no deadline for the bank’s representative to attend the notary's office or for this procedure, but the rules establish that banks should act with the utmost diligence, and make the necessary means available to serve their customers without delay.

See our Complaints Report (in spanish)  (103 KB) for more information.

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