Presentation of new €100 and €200 banknotes


On 17 September the European Central Bank (ECB) unveiled the design of the new €100 and €200 banknotes, which will enter into circulation on 28 May 2019. These two denominations mark the completion of the Europa banknote series. The new and innovative security features help to protect our money. They are the result of continued efforts to preserve the euro as a stable currency, a currency that is used by 338 million people across the euro area every day, and they underline the Eurosystem’s commitment to cash as a trusted and efficient means of payment.

The banknotes have a new security feature – a satellite hologram – at the top of the silvery stripe; when the notes are tilted, small € symbols that move around the number can be seen. The silvery stripe also shows the portrait of Europa, the architectural motif and a large € symbol. Additionally, the new €100 and €200 banknotes feature an enhanced emerald number; when the notes are tilted, the colour changes from emerald to dark blue and € symbols can be seen inside the number.

The new €100 and €200 notes are not the same size as the ones in the first series; both denominations are now the same height as the €50 banknote, meaning that they will fit into people’s wallets easier.

All the security features of the new notes make it easy to check that they are genuine using the “feel, look, tilt”Abre en ventana nueva method.

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