COVID-19 loans: Extended deadline for applying for moratoria on loan repayments


On 2 February, the government approved a new Royal Decree-LawAbre en ventana nueva opening up new possibilities for applying for moratoria on mortgage and non-mortgage loans.

The Royal-Decree Law extends the deadline for vulnerable people to apply for legislative and banking sector moratoria on loan repayments until 30 March 2021.

It also establishes that individuals benefiting from any kind of moratoria on loans (whether legislative or sectoral) may do so for a maximum cumulative duration of nine months.

Who can apply for the extension?

Borrowers may apply for any of the above-mentioned moratoria with a duration of up to a maximum of nine months provided that:

  1. They meet the economic vulnerability requirements set out in the regulation. You can check what these requirements are on our website.
  2. They are one of the following:
  • First-time applicants for a moratorium, or
  • Beneficiaries of one or more moratoria for a total cumulative period of less than nine months.

The terms and conditions and duration of moratoria granted before 4 February 2021 (the date the above-mentioned Royal Decree-Law entered into force) shall not change. Their duration, combining legislative and banking sector moratoria, may continue to exceed nine months if it was so agreed at the time.

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