Headline: Free online course "Know the euro"

How much do you know about euro notes and coins? Do you know how to check their authenticity? How to distinguish them from counterfeits?

Did you know that when you look at a Europa series note against the light: you can see a portrait of the goddess Europa on the watermark; the security thread appears as a dark line in which you can see the € symbol and the value of the banknote in small white lettering; and the hologram window becomes transparent and reveals a portrait of the goddess on both sides of the note?

You can answer these and other questions thanks to the free online course "Know the euro", which the Banco de España offers through its training platform.

The course is intended for anyone who wishes to familiarise themselves with the security features of notes and coins, and it explains what to do if a note or coin is suspected of being counterfeit.

If you wish to access the course, write to cursobilletesymonedas@bde.es Envío de correo electrónico: Abre en nueva ventana and we will give you the instructions to follow.

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