The EBA compiles 120 European financial education initiatives

The European Banking Authority (EBA) has published the second edition of its Financial Education ReportAbre en ventana nueva, which contains 120 initiatives launched in this field by the European banking supervisors.

This report arises from the EBA's commitment to reviewing and coordinating financial education actions and gives everyone who is interested the opportunity to learn from the supervisors’ experiences.

The document, which is based on the selection of these 120 initiatives, analyses the objective, channel, target audience and type of material used in these projects and summarises the lessons learned by the supervisors in carrying them out. Also, it focuses on the main trends observed and their interplay with financial education, paying special attention to digitalisation and the new products and distribution channels it entails.

The report also provides an overview of the financial education initiatives of the major international bodies.

The 120 projects analysed are detailed in an annexAbre en ventana nueva, which also has links to additional information on each initiative.

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