The Banco de España publishes the Guide to bank customer service departments


The steps that bank users must follow to lodge a complaint begin at the bank’s own Customer Service Department (CSD). As we have already explained on the Portal on several occasions, this represents the first chance to resolve the problem.

The smooth functioning of CSDs directly contributes to better consumer protection. That is why the Banco de España, as part of its conduct-related supervisory function, has drawn up a guide aimed at all supervised institutions, whatever their type, explaining the criteria, practices, methodologies and procedures it considers appropriate for these services to comply with regulations, be better organised and run better.

You will probably have many questions about CSDs:

  • Are they independent of the institution? Who appoints their staff? Can the institution outsource the service?
  • Does the head of the CSD have the authority to make decisions independently?
  • How many employees should a CSD have? Are they the same for all institutions?
  • What happens if there are conflicts of interest with other areas of the institution?

You will find the answers to all these questions and more in the GuideAbre en ventana nueva to the organisation and functioning of CSDs.

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