Customer Services Department: who should I contact to make a complaint?


If you have a problem with your bank, you must first make a complaint to its Customer Services Department (CSD).

The CSD must be independent from the bank's other commercial and operational services. The head of the CSD must have the training, experience and autonomy necessary to correctly perform his/her function.

Customer Services Departments’ rules of operation are set out in a regulation which, among other things, establishes the procedure for making complaints and the deadlines that we must take into account for this purpose. This regulation must be approved by the bank's highest body and subsequently verified by the Banco de España. The regulation on the operation of the CSD can be accessed at the bank's branches, on its website and on the Banco de España website.

For more information, you can consult the addendum on CSDs published in the 2016 Annual Complaints ReportAbre en ventana nueva (in Spanish), which contains the main operating criteria required of this body.


If you wish to access the contact details and regulation of your bank's Customer Services Department, please go to this Banco de España websiteAbre en ventana nueva.

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