I’d like to close my account but can’t get to my branch. What can I do?


It’s been a long time since you opened that account. You’ve even moved house several times since then. So, when you decide go to your bank to close the account, you’re told, much to your surprise, that you need to go to the branch where the account was opened.

In this situation, when you’ve moved house and you can’t get to the branch during opening hours, you are, first of all, bound by the terms of your contract regarding the possibility of closing your account from another branch.

Having said this, if, under your contract, you’re not required to ask to close your account by a particular procedure, and you find it very difficult to get to your original branch, you can do so by other means, such as sending a letter signed by the account holders, by registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt or by registered fax, to the branch where the account was opened, or by whatever means is provided by the branch.

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