El capital. La mercancía. Guilloché. Daniel García Andújar


Our “If paintings could talk” series focuses today on Daniel García Andújar’s Guilloché, the third chapter in the cycle he has been working on since 2014 entitled El capital. La mercancía.

He makes innovative use of the guilloché technique, in which an intricate pattern is mechanically engraved into an underlying material with much precision and detail, to create his own images. Guilloché has been used, for instance, in manufacturing means of payment. In the work at hand, the artist used computer programmes that reproduce this technique to create 18 digital prints akin to banknote proofs where the design becomes progressively intricate, thus making counterfeiting increasingly difficult. This is, in fact, one of the aspects that interests the artist the most. He has researched the different anti-counterfeiting techniques used in banknote production, from stenography to security threads or the EURion constellation, to convert them into an object of representation.

In Guilloché, García Andújar has created a singular iconography of today's world and its conflicts.


  • El capital. La mercancía. Guilloché


    Digital copy on paper.

    42 x 59.4 cm each (18 objects)

    Banco de España Collection


Fraud and counterfeiting have existed for a long time and in the current era of digitalisation criminals continue to act using new methods. Take all the necessary precautions to prevent cybercrime this Christmas!


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