Is it mandatory to show my ID when paying by card?


Well, there is no straight answer, since there are no laws that make it mandatory. In reality, it is more down to the discretion of each commercial establishment, to prevent fraud and purchases being made by people other than the legitimate holder of that card.

The custom of asking to see ID comes from a time when cards did not have the security technology that they now incorporate. Before, it was necessary to sign the receipt printed by the card reader and verify that the cardholder matched the person who showed the identity card.

Practically all of the cards that are marketed now have a chip and PIN and, moreover, contactless technology does not require the PIN for payments of less than 50 euros. This makes it possible to carry out transactions more quickly and efficiently. As such, this practice is virtually extinct.

There are establishments that maintain the habit of asking for identification because they consider it an extra security measure. If, for whatever reason (loss or theftAbre en ventana nueva), the customer does not have an ID card, they can prove their identity with their passport or driver's licence and the establishment cannot refuse to accept payment by card.

Of course, although what we all generally want is to pay without delay, you should take your time. Remember that asking for your ID card only increases the security of the transaction, that you have the right to request a copy of the transaction and, in addition, we recommend that you check carefully that the amount entered in the card reader is correct.

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