Is our money safe? The Deposit Guarantee Fund


Is our money safe?

Should the bank go bankrupt after handing it our money, we would be protected and would recover our money up to a certain amount.

If we have a current account, a savings account or a bank deposit, our money will be guaranteed up to € 100.000  per holder and bank.

For example: If you and your partner have a current account with € 120.000, all the money would be guaranteed. However, if it were € 240.000, only € 200.000 would be guaranteed.

Deposit Guarantee Funds: what are they and what are they for?

The aim of the Guarantee Fund of Deposit is to ensure that consumers will be able to regain their money, to a certain extent, if the bank goes bankrupt. The purpose of the Deposit Guarantee Fund is to ensure that customers and investors will be able to recover their money, up to a certain amount, should the bank go bankrupt.

The following credit institutions must be subscribed to the Deposit Guarantee FundAbre en ventana nueva

  • Spanish credit institutions registered in the Banco de España’s Credit Institutions Register.
  • The branches of authorized bank entities in a non-member country of the European Union, if deposits or guaranteed values are not guaranteed in the country of origin or if said coverage is not sufficient.
  • The subscription is not compulsory for branches of banks authorized in other European Union member countries because there is a guarantee in their country of origin.


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