2019 Annual Complaints Report


The Complaints Report provides detailed information on the complaints and enquiries made by the general public in 2019 and on the set of criteria applied by the Banco de España to resolve them.

This is a public service aimed, primarily, at assisting the general public with their enquiries and complaints, in a way which is tailored to their needs.

By publishing the Complaints Report the Banco de España seeks to raise awareness of this public service among all members of the general public, by making the applicable regulations and the criteria used by it more generally known in order to contribute to improving the relations between the general public and their banks.

Read more in our press releaseAbre en ventana nueva and have a look at the reportAbre en ventana nueva to find information on matters of interest to you. Over the next few days we will be publishing more posts with important information on the content of the report.

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