Objective, revolving credit cards


The Banco de España is paying particular attention to the way banks comply with transparency regulations when marketing or issuing their revolving credit cards.

To that end, in 2019 it analysed the way these credit cards were marketed by the 26 supervised banks most active in this marketAbre en ventana nueva.

In the light of the results of this analysis, last summer 24 of these banks were sent letters with various requirements and recommendations. Two other banks are undergoing further analysis.

With these letters and with the actions currently under way, the Banco de España aims to improve transparency in the marketing and issuing of revolving credit cards: in advertising materials, in banks’ duty to give customers clear explanations, in the pre-contractual information they must provide and in their dealings with us once the credit card contract has been signed.

But, to improve the marketing of these products and to avoid unwanted effects, we customers must be equally responsible and take some factors into account.

In the coming weeks, the Bank Customer Portal will provide you with information that you may find useful if you have or wish to apply for a revolving credit card.


Don’t forget that, from 2 January 2021, the various parts of the new Ministerial Order on revolving credit will enter into force. This regulation includes improvements aimed at increasing transparency with customers and preventing unsustainable debt situations by strengthening the creditworthiness assessment that banks must carry out before granting revolving credit.

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