The PCB received 3.8 million visits in 2019


More and more people are using the Bank Customer Portal and the resources it offers. As shown by the aggregate data for 2019, the Portal received 3,871,820 visits in total, 1.7 million more than in 2018.

The pages that were visited the most in 2019 were the mortgage and personal loan simulators (calculation of instalments, profit, APR), the interest rate tables (benchmark rates in the mortgage market and statutory interest rate) and the home page. The most popular blog posts in 2019 were: “What to do when a bank account holder passes away”, “Do you have a cheque that’s been issued abroad and would like to cash it?, “How to submit a complaint”, “What is the ‘description’ of a transfer for?” and “Can my bank ask me for my tax return?”. All of them relate to very common bank practices.

The Bank Customer Portal is primarily aimed at banking service users – individuals, professionals and, especially, SMEs – and provides updated information on the main banking products and practices, tools, calculators and other resources to assist in common banking operations.  The Portal is a financial education initiative that seeks to provide consumers with the maximum amount of information possible to enable consumers to make appropriate decisions and better manage their finances.

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