Publication of the 2021 Annual Report


The Banco de España recently published its Annual Report for 2021, in which it reviews the recent economic and financial performance of the Spanish economy, which was marked by a gradual recovery of activity following the near paralysis caused by Covid-19, but hampered by successive waves of pandemic, disruptions in global supply chains, the upturn in inflation and, in early 2022, the start of the war in Ukraine.

It is worth noting that the 2021 report includes two chapters focusing on current issues:

  • The upturn in inflation, analysing its causes, including, inter alia, the rise in commodity prices, the recovery in demand, and geopolitical tensions, their impact and the possible responses to tackle them.

Here is a video about this chapter: en ventana nueva

  • The Spanish economy in the face of the climate challenge. The Iberian Peninsula could be considerably affected by the physical risks associated with this threat. Among other issues, it analyses the role of governments and the financial sector in the face of this challenge.

Here is a video in case you are interested in this topic: en ventana nueva

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