Celebrating Financial Education Day!

Financial Education Day was held on 7 October. If you missed it, don’t worry, you can read about the day’s exciting events here:

It kicked off with a main event at the head office of the Banco de España, attended by public figures such as the Minister for Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation, the Governor of the Banco de España and the Vice-Chair of the CNMV. The event opened with a welcoming address by the Deputy Governor of the Banco de España who, appearing as a holographic image, pointed out that the day was specially dedicated to financial digitalisation, under the theme “Connected to digitalisation”.

This event hosted the  final of the Financial Literacy Competition, the closing stage of all the onsite and online knockout rounds in which the 334 participating schools had competed since May. It also featured the Finance for All awards and an interesting economic debate between the students representing the finalist teams and the public figures present, on general economic issues, financial markets and financial education.

But the main event was only the tip of the iceberg... on Financial Education Day, more than 100 different activities were organised across the country, including a “900” free hotline for telephone queries (operational until 11 November), a Charity Run for Financial Education and Inclusion, table-tennis in the street, theatre, workshops, talks, conferences, games, books and videos on personal finances, financial digitalisation, banking products, insurance and securities, for children, primary and secondary school students, university students, people with disabilities, SMEs, households, specialists, the general public...because finance is for all and necessary in almost everything we do.

Reading about it is not the same as being there. If you missed it this year, there’s no going back, but you can enjoy next year’s Financial Education Day, on the first Monday in October, with more activities and surprises. See you there! 

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