Do you know how to file a complaint against your bank?


If you have any problem with your bank and you want to file a complaint, the first thing you need to do is submit the complaint in writing to your bank at any branch that is open to the public, or send a letter to the bank’s Customer Service Department (click hereAbre en ventana nueva for contact details).

Bear in mind that the Banco de España can only accept complaints that include proof that they have previously been filed with the bank they are brought against. This gives your bank the chance to resolve your complaint directly, in your best interests, with no need for the Banco de España to intervene. You should only contact our Complaints Service if you do not agree with the decision made or you do not receive an answer within the established deadline.

If you skip this first step and go directly to the Banco de España, we will not be able to accept your complaint. The same applies if you do not send us the documents that prove that you previously filed the complaint with your bank.


So, remember: to speed up your complaint, make sure you have completed this previous step.


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