Steps to take before going on holiday


In our series of posts on banking procedures, we’re going to recap some matters we think it’ll be handy for you to stop and think about before you start your holiday:

  • While banks tend to plan ahead and send you a new payment card before your current one expires, there’s no harm in checking the expiration date of the cards you’ll take on holiday, to avoid suddenly finding yourself away from home with an expired card.
  • If your mobile has the necessary technology, you can install a platform on it to carry your cards and use to make card payments. This is a practical way of always having money on you, since we rarely go anywhere without our phones.
  • Using online banking and mobile apps will make carrying out your banking operations easy while you’re away. Check you've got access codes and that they work properly.  If you lose your card, many banks’ apps let you conveniently block it from your phone, without needing to contact the bank.
  • If you’re going to use your cards to withdraw cash or pay for purchases abroad, check your bank’s terms and conditions for these services before you go; maybe you should look for a more suitable product for these operations than the ones you’ve arranged with your bank.
  • If they offer to finance any of your purchases, make sure you check the terms and conditions in order to assess whether it’s the best option for you.
  • While taking a break from our daily routine, it’s normal and healthy to switch off from things we pay attention to the rest of the year. So, for peace of mind on your trip and no unpleasant surprises upon your return, make sure that you have enough money in your account, that you check the transactions and that there are no unauthorised charges. You can also schedule transfers to continue fulfilling your obligations or make transfers between your accounts to avoid, for example, them becoming overdrawn and the related cost.

Taking the time to think about and organise these matters before heading to our holiday destination will help us avoid some difficulties and better enjoy our precious summer break.

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