Credit Institutions

There are different types of credit institutions. Knowing the differences among them and their major features is very convenient.

There are other institutions supervised by other organisations such as the Directorate-General for Insurance and Pension Funds (insurance companies and pension funds) and the National Securities Market Commission (companies providing investment services).

What does a credit institution need to operate?

Institutions supervised by Banco de España and registered in its Credit Institutions Register, particularly credit institutions, need an official administrative authorization before they can operate.

Which institutions can raise funds from the public and which cannot? Monetary Financial Institutions.

Raising funds is an activity restricted to credit institutions. Therefore it would be advisable to know in which institutions you can open an account or a deposit and in which not.

Institutions not supervised by Banco de España

The claims that clients would like to file against these companies will be processed through regular mechanisms of consumer protection –before a competent Consumer Affair Authority or before a Court.
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