Information heirs are entitled to obtain

Banks must provide heirs with the information they request.

Requests for information on account activity should specify the relevant period and be reasonable. Requests for information on transactions much earlier than the date of death are not usually accepted.

Heirs may request any of the following pieces of information of banks:

  • The certificate of account balance of the deceased customer.
  • Account transactions after the date of death.
  • Account transactions up to approximately one year before the customer’s death, so that the heirs can comply with tax obligations.
  • A copy of any contracts the deceased had entered into.

It is vital that the information on the customer’s account balances as at the date of death and the information on any financing or collateral agreements (loan agreements, guarantees, etc.) in force as at that date be provided to the heirs prior to the acceptance of the inheritance so that the heirs may know the extent of the deceased’s estate.

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