Compensation or fee for total or partial early mortgage repayment

If you decide to repay part or all of the amount of the mortgage debt to your bank before maturity, the bank, as well as having to adjust the transaction after the repayment, will stop charging the interest and fees that it was charging while the mortgage was in force. To compensate for what it ceases to earn, it may charge you a fee or compensation.

What requirements must be met in order to be able to charge the compensation or fee?

  • This fee is a percentage established by law.
  • You must have signed the mortgage after 16 June 2019 or have carried out a subrogation or novation after that date.
  • Depending on the type of loan and the date the repayment takes place, the percentage to be charged may differ.

In this table we show you how much your bank can charge you.

Table of applicable compensation or fees for early repayment.

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