What does a financial institution need in order to operate?

Institutions supervised by the Banco de España and registered with it, particularly credit institutions, need official authorisation to operate.

Those institutions supervised by Banco de España and registered in its Credit Institutions Register, (particularly credit institutions), need a prior official administrative authorization to operate.

No native or foreign natural or legal person will be able to carry out credit institutions activities in Spain without:

  • Having the necessary authorisation in Spain, (except those credit institutions which already have authorisation in other countries members of the European Union and when their supervisor has notified Banco de España they will be operating in Spain).
  • Registration in Banco de España’s Credit Institutions Register, in which you will be able to check both all the different credit institutions, as well as if the credit institution you’re interested in is registered.

If you have any doubt about institutions operating in Spain, we recommend you check if they are registered in Banco de España’s Credit Institutions RegisterAbre en ventana nueva.

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