Enquiries dealt with by the Banco de España in 2018


The Banco de España, through its Market Conduct and Complaints Department (MCCD), offers a free service to deal with citizens’ enquiries either by phone or in writing, and to settle any queries about their rights as bank customers.

According to MCCD’s recent Complaints Report, in 2018 the Banco de España fielded 30,013 enquiries, of which 1,672 were in writing and 28,341 by telephone.

Written enquiries are mostly about matters relating to inheritance, accounts and deposits, and the interest fees and expenses involved in mortgage loans.

Telephone enquiries tend to be about complaints, either concerning the status of a complaint or the procedure to be followed against a financial institution.


So, if you have a query, call us on 900.545.454 / 913.388.830 (Monday to Friday, from 8.30 to 17.00, excluding public holidays) or write to us using the contact formAbre en ventana nueva.


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