Did you know that the Banco de España also reads the ads?


Monitoring and supervising financial institutions’Abre en ventana nueva advertising of banking products and services is also one of the Banco de España’s tasks.

Financial institutions do not need prior authorisation from the Banco de España to advertise their products. However, once advertisements have been launched the Banco de España does check that their content complies with the required principles: they must be clear, understandable, easy to read, include all the important information and avoid creating confusion and the data they contain, such as the APRAbre en ventana nueva, must be calculated correctly.

The Banco de España also reviews advertising which, although it has not been issued directly by financial institutions, includes offers in relation to any of their products or services, such as financing a holiday or a new car.

If any irregularity is detected in financial advertising, the Banco de España contacts the institution responsible and requires that it be removed or rectified.

Lastly, even if you know that we are monitoring the quality of advertising, you should always be on your guard. Read the advertisements carefully and pay attention to key aspects such as: 

  1. The financial institution offering the product
  2. The requirements you need to meet to take advantage of the product
  3. The bank chargesAbre en ventana nueva and expenses involved
  4. The duration of the offer 
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