Change in trend in bank deposits


World Savings Day has recently been celebrated and, although in the current context it may be a difficult objective for some families to achieve, savings should be part of your budget, in order for you to be able to handle extraordinary expenses and overcome times of financial difficulties.

In the more recent past, it was difficult to obtain returns on these savings in bank products. You are sure to still remember when you heard that interest rates "were negative" and there was speculation that you would have to pay for having your money in the bank. It was something practically unheard of that people didn't fully understand. This period of low interest rates favoured those in debt (financing was cheap) and was detrimental to those who had savings for which the banks gave hardly any returns, which encouraged people to take out investment products.

This situation is changing. The rise in interest rates is making financing more expensive and, albeit timidly for the moment because there is a lot of liquidity in the market, some financial institutions, mainly online, have begun to review the returns they offer on deposits. These changes indicate a shift in trend that will be appreciated by people who can meet their savings objectives.

If you are interested in the returns on the savings you hold in accounts and deposits, compare the interest offered and the costs associated with each product, and remember that your bank should make it easy for you to switch accounts if you so desire.

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