How to switch your account from one bank to another


Have the conditions of your account changed and are you looking for an alternative? Switching your account to another bank that offers you better conditions may be a solution.

The banks must facilitate the switching of the account swiftly and efficiently, complying at all times with the provisions of the legislation.

In order to verify effective compliance with this legislation, the Banco de España performed a supervisory action and reviewed the functioning and procedures of the payment account switching service carried out by the banks. You can find more information in this press release.

And what is the procedure to follow in order to change accounts? You may remember the video in which our detective Sara Gómez explained it to us. Watch it again to remind yourself of her banking tips, because this time... Sara is going to need your help to solve the case!

Answer the following questions to help Sara Gómez solve everything related to switching accounts.

Tip: before changing bank, take a look at the Banco de España account comparison tool, where you can compare the fees that financial institutions offer their potential customers for the use of the main services associated with an account.

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