The Banco de España is publishing a bank account fee comparison tool


As required by law, the Banco de España has developed a bank account fee comparison toolAbre en ventana nueva to be able to compare the price of key banking services and help customers decide.

Depending on the chosen search criteria, the different fees (including maintenance, overdraft and ATM cash withdrawal fees) charged by banks operating in Spain registered with the Banco de España can be compared by account type (account for crediting salary or pension, youth account, basic payment accountAbre en ventana nueva and other accounts).

This tool is based on the information provided by banks to the Banco de España on the fees charged for the most representative services linked to payment accounts. This information is the same as the data contained in the “fee information document” that customers must receive when they ask about the characteristics of a particular account.

Besides the bank account fee comparison tool, the Banco de España previously provided an interest rate and fee comparison toolAbre en ventana nueva for the most frequent banking transactions relating to other financial products, such as mortgage loans, personal loans and deposits with agreed maturity.

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