Key tips to protect yourself when choosing online or mobile banking services


The European Banking Authority (EBA) has created an infographic  (707 KB) (in Spanish) with key tips for consumers when choosing online or mobile banking services. European supervisory authorities, including the Banco de España, are participating in this initiative.

This awareness-raising campaign was launched by the EBA as part of its monitoring of the FinTech sector. One of the priorities in this area is to identify and address the challenges that the use of new technologies for the provision of financial services may pose for consumers. 

Innovation can improve consumer access to these services in terms of quality, quantity and speed, while also reducing their cost. But the use of these services may involve risks.

The contents of the infographic draw attention to particularly relevant aspects when it comes to buying banking products or services over the internet or through mobile applications.

Knowing your rights and obligations as a financial service user and how to deal with banks is essential for using banking services securely, especially when the contract is concluded through electronic devices. The Institutions’ Conduct Department of the Banco de España offers a free ombudsman service, either by phone or in writing.


Should you have any queries regarding your rights as a bank customer, call us on 900.545.454 / 913.388.830 or write to us via the following contact formAbre en ventana nueva.

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