With January comes the annual summary of bank charges and interest


Every year in January we receive the annual information that banks have to send to their customers. This information usually arrives by post, unless you have expressly waived this option and decided to communicate with your bank electronically. In this case you should check the in-tray on your bank’s website or app to access your annual summary.

The information refers to the banking services you have with your bank.

The letter contains a detailed summary of all interest charged and paid and of all charges applied on each banking service provided during the previous year.

This is a personal communication and you will receive it individually, even if you are a joint holder of any banking product. If that is the case, the letter will state the total number of joint holders, who will also receive their own letters.

Annex 5 of Banco de España Circular 5/2012 of 27 June 2012 (Spanish version only)Abre en ventana nueva

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