2021 Central Credit Register Report


In 2021, 321 institutions submitted information to the Central Credit Register (CCR) on more than 49 million loan and other credit transactions of nearly 22 million natural and legal persons. The balance of transactions reported was €3.2 trillion, 7% more than in 2020.

The 2021 Central Credit Register Report presents statistical information on the transactions reported, the borrowers and the banks which granted the financing. It also details the functioning of the CCR and the characteristics of the information that financial institutions are obliged to submit on a monthly basis. The information collected by the CCR comprises individual data on outstanding credit operations granted by financial institutions to their customers, whether natural or legal persons.

The CCR is a public service, managed by the Banco de España, whose main aims are:

  1. To enable reporting banks to analyse the risk of their transactions by providing them with information on the overall credit exposures of their customers (both at the bank and at other reporting banks) and of potential new customers (transactions arranged at other banks).
  2. To enable the exercise of supervision and inspection tasks and of the other functions entrusted by law to the Banco de España.

Also, any natural or legal entity can request their credit report from the CCR to ascertain the indebtedness reported on them by reporting banks to the Banco de España. This makes the CCR one of the Banco de España’s services most in demand by the public.

Citizens also have the right to access, correct and delete the data reported by the banks. In this regard, the Report details the procedures for exercising these rights and includes statistical information on requests for corrections or deletion of data by the borrowers (claims to the CCR) which, in 2021, amounted to 9,989. Likewise, more than 370 million credit reports were issued in 2021, of which almost 600,000 were requested by individual and corporate borrowers. The banks received 365 million reports on their customers and requested more than 4.6 million reports on potential new customers.

The Report also explains the differences between the CCR and the individual solvency and credit files colloquially known as bad debt files.

Apart from practical and statistical information, the Report compiles the various uses that both the Banco de España and other authorised institutional users make of the information collected by the CCR. Since December 2021, a subset of CCR data on legal persons has been available to researchers at the Banco de España's Data Laboratory (BELab). It also details the European aspect of the credit information collected by the CCR for submission to AnaCredit, the Eurosystem's credit database, and it describes the emerging European regulatory reporting integration projects based on the use of granular data similar to those of the CCR to build aggregate data.

Take a look at this explanatory video or consult the Report for more information on matters of interest to you. If you would like more details on the functioning of the CCR or on credit reports, this presentationAbre en ventana nueva is also available.

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