New bank card functionalities


Do you remember the first time you paid by card? The distinctive noise made by the imprinter, popularly dubbed the “knuckle buster”, when it marked the raised numbers on the paper. Or the obligatory signature on paper which gave way to the chip and PIN to authorise transactions. New times bring technological innovations which make paying easier, faster and more secure. Let us explain some of the latest developments:

  • Virtual cards are a type of prepaid cardwhich do not require a physical card to be issued and are especially suited for your online purchases. You can reload only the amount you need instantly and conveniently from your account.
  • It is also possible to create “disposable” or single-use cards with a random number for each purchase. This offers you added security in webpages where you don’t normally shop.
  • Another innovation is cards with no numbers, expiry date or CVV code physically printed on them. Yes, you read it right: they only show your name and nothing else. Only you will be able to access the card details through your mobile app when you wish to make a payment.
  • Some include a dynamic CVV code, meaning that a CVV will be generated for each purchase you make which will remain active for several minutes. If you lose the card, nobody will be able to use it to make online purchases.
  • In the event of loss or theft, some cards can be turned off or on from your mobile phone. This process may be reversed: if the card turns up later on, you can switch it on again as if nothing had happened. Conversely, blocking it makes it impossible to use and is only advisable when you are completely sure it has been stolen or lost and will need a new one.
  • An important feature of some cards is the possibility of enabling or disabling them depending on the country or region (so that they only work in Spain or in Europe) and on the type of transaction (such as ATM transactions or online or physical purchases). For instance, you might wish to disable ATM transactions if you don’t normally use these devices, and enable them from the app only when you are going to withdraw money.


Remember that although shopping online is now safer than ever, there is no such thing as 100% security and no method is infallible. However, combining several methods can make it more difficult for fraud to be committed. Don’t forget that using your common sense and taking your time are your greatest allies.

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