Finanzas Para Todos Awards 2021


Each year, the Financial Education Plan launches an edition of the Finanzas para Todos Awards for implementation of the Financial Education Plan and the best financial education initiative.

This year’s winners are ASUFIN (Association of Financial Services Users) in the former category and Afundación Obra Social ABANCA in the latter.

ASUFIN’s financial education project attests to its commitment to financial consumer protection. ASUFIN has gone beyond the traditional activities of consumer associations to offer educational initiatives tailored to consumer needs, thus fostering the general public’s access to education and information and improving their capacity to interact with other agents in financial markets. Cases are in point are its training sessions, workshops, webinars, videos and more, covering contemporary topics such as fintech, sustainable finance, payment systems, cryptocurrencies, investment and overindebtedness.

Afundación Obra Social ABANCA, through its programme entitled “Segura-mente”. Start your journey: a plan full of adventure, has provided schools with innovative resources aligned with the current curriculum to help them teach financial education. It gives pupils the chance to make decisions relating to travel planning and contingencies, thus incorporating financial literacy into everyday life and combining it with other areas of knowledge, such as sustainability. This entertaining game builds the pupils’ skills and knowledge in the areas of finance and sustainable saving. The programme is targeted at students in the last three years of primary school, secondary school or vocational training, with 52,000 students at 900 schools across Spain taking part.


For more information, go to the Finanzas Para TodosAbre en ventana nueva website.

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