School Programme and Financial Literacy Competition


The Financial Education Programme introduces personal finance content into secondary school classrooms. This programme aims to promote the knowledge and skills that allow students to understand key concepts such as saving, income, personal budgets and responsible consumption, etc. To this end, teachers have various resources with which to work directly with their students. In addition, each centre or teacher will be able to teach the content in the way that best suits their timetable. You can consult here all the information about the school programme and the 2020 financial literacy competition.

This year we are holding the fourth edition of the competition and the ninth edition of the school programme, in which 258,570 students have already participated. Hundreds of educational establishments throughout Spain have already signed up to the school programme and the financial literacy competition,Abre en ventana nueva but the deadline has not yet passed.

If you are a high school or further education college teacher and you want to show what your students know about finance, sign up your establishment to the educational initiatives launched by the Financial Education PlanAbre en ventana nueva.

Remember that the deadline for signing up is 30 April at 23:59. The registration procedure is available on this formAbre en ventana nueva.

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