Twelve financial resolutions for 2020


To get the new year off to a good start, here are a few financial resolutions for 2020. They might be useful to get your finances in order, to clarify some doubts and even to take note of good advice.

JANUARY. During this month you will receive the annual summary of the interest and fees your bank charged you last year. Read it.

FEBRUARY. Are you thinking of buying your partner something for Valentine’s Day? Remember that technology is at your service when it comes to payments. But be careful not to reveal your passwords when you are making online purchases.

MARCH. You have received your card statement showing everything you spent during the winter sales and there are transactions you don’t quite understand. Start by finding out what type of cards you used. You may want to take a look at our video on cards or our post on revolving credit cards.

APRIL. Are you thinking of buying a house and need to take out a loan? Remember that the changes in the procedure for applying for mortgages are already in force.

MAY. We are in the middle of tax-filing season. It is advisable to refresh some concepts relating to income tax.

JUNE. You already framed your university degree, but you need financing to enrol in a master’s degree. You will find some pointers here.

JULY. You are looking for a house for your holidays. Be careful! Sometimes promises don’t match up to reality. Don’t forget our advice on this issue.

AUGUST. The holidays are here. It is a time for travelling, shopping, having fun... and for financial product salespeople who approach you anywhere, at any time. Stay informed to avoid surprises.

SEPTEMBER. Back-to-school expenses should not hurt your wallet. That is why it is important to plan ahead and shop responsibly.

OCTOBER. On Monday 5 October we will celebrate Financial Education Day. Don’t miss the opportunity of participating in one of the many events we will be holding. Take a look at the Financial Education Day website and keep an eye out for future publications.

NOVEMBER. We all want to enjoy a good retirement. It is never too late to plan for it.

DECEMBER. Do you still have any lying around in a drawer? The deadline for exchanging your pesetas for euros is fast approaching. Don’t miss the date.

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