What to do when the account holder dies.


Once the account holder passes away and the status of the heirs has been confirmed, the entity must provide us with information regarding the holder’s account balance at the time of death, also about transactions that have taken place after, and even previous specific transactions and operations.

If we don’t know in which entities the holder had bank accounts, we can always enquire with the Tax Agency, once our status of heir has been confirmed. The Tax Agency shall be able to provide information on the holder’s assets that have been communicated by the entity or entities.

Banco de España does not keep  a register of the bank accounts heldby the customers of credit institutions.

Once our status of heir has been confirmed, to be able to access the balance in the accounts we must also prove our allocation rights, Therefore, credit institutions may request the supporting documents  of the allocation and partition of assets.

As heirs, we must prove the payment or the exemption from the Inheritance and Donations Tax, since the entities are responsible subsidiaries of the payment of this Tax (Article 8, Law 29/1987).

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