Do you know what the Banco de España is doing to improve transparency in banking and payment services?


Each year the Banco de España publishes its Institutional Report, the document in which we explain to society how we operate and summarise our main actions, including all those aimed at ensuring that banking and payment services operate transparently.

The recently published 2019 Report also includes the Bank’s interactions with banking consumers. On the Bank Customer Portal we have periodically informed you of some of the actions included in this report:

  • Visits to branches of institutions throughout Spain, to verify compliance with customer reporting obligations.
  • Increased supervisory activity in relation to consumer credit with a particular focus on revolving credit and the financing of goods and services.
  • Monitoring the impact of digitalisation on banking activity.
  • Protection of transparency obligations during the whole term of the mortgage, paying particular attention to the protection of debtors with economic difficulties and to the correct application of floor clauses.
  • Control of institutions'advertising.
  • Boosting finantial education through various initiatives.

In addition, we have processed complaints and queries from bank customers.

For all the information, we leave you with the 2019 Institutional ReportAbre en ventana nueva, so that you can learn more about the most significant activities that have been carried out.

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