Central Credit Register


The Central Credit Register is a public service that manages the different risks entities have with their clients. These entities must provide the Bank of Spain with relevant information concerning each type of risk and the identification of the client.

Our personal information as well as the amount owed in Euros must be registered at CIRBE in all of the following cases: if you are the holder of a loan or credit, direct risk, or if you are the guarantor, indirect risk.

CIRBE provides the declaring entities with information about those holders whose accumulated risk in an entity is higher than € 9,000 on a monthly and aggregate basis.  This information is necessary for the entitie’s activity.

For example: if an entity is considering whether or not to grant us a loan, the information provided by CIRBE, provided we are fully aware of it, will allow the entity to know our debt with other entities, and at the same time obtain a general view of our solvency.

The information provided by the Central Credit Register should be accurate and up to date, in order to faithfully relfect the risk situation and its holders.

Risk holders can access their own information and even request a correction:

Right of access: any natural person or legal entity may have access free of charge to all their personal information registered in CIRBE through the following procedureAbre en ventana nueva.

Disagreement with the declaration: Should you consider that the information shown is incomplete or not accurate, you must proceed with the entity that provided such information in order to request the rectification, cancelation or alternatively you may contact Banco de EspañaAbre en ventana nueva.

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