If you’re a young person and you need to open an account... do you know which bank to go to and what type of account to choose?


Are you going to open your first bank account and can’t decide whether to opt for a young person’s account, a digital account or another type of account?

Each type of account has specific features, so before opening it you should find out which is best suited to your needs, in terms of the type of transactions offered or the fees applied.

You might also want to know how much the bank will charge you for account maintenance and for issuing debit or credit cards. The following links include lists of charges associated with a young person’s account  (71 KB) and a digital account  (67 KB), showing which banks have reported to the Banco de España on their young persons’ and digital accounts and on the fees they charge for maintenance and issuance of debit and credit cards (by code number, according to the official register of institutions of the Banco de EspañaAbre en ventana nueva).

This information is dynamic and updated when banks modify their terms and conditions.

For more information on other fees or other types of accounts, go to the comparison tool on the Banco de España’s website.

Remember that accounts for young people normally establish an age limit, and once you have reached the maximum age, the initial terms and conditions may vary. Make sure you check the age limit, which will be specified in your contract.

The average annual fees for these two types of accounts are as follows:


If you have financial problems or belong to a vulnerable group, you might be interested in applying for a basic payment account.

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