What are the time limits for when I want to make a complaint about my bank?


When you make a complaint about your bank, you must first contact its Customer Services Department (CSD).

The time limits for the complaint procedure will differ depending on the subject matter of the complaint:

  • If it is related to "payment services" (current accounts, cards, transfers, direct debit, etc.), the bank's CSD must respond to you within 15 working days from the time you submitted the complaint to your bank.
  • If it is related to any issue other than payment services (e.g., mortgage loans, consumer credits, deposits, etc.), the CSD will have one month to resolve your complaint and give you a response.
  • The CSD will have two months to resolve complaints, regardless of the subject matter, only when the complainant is not a consumer or a micro-enterprise (e.g., a medium or large company).

Once these periods have elapsed, if the CSD has not responded, or you are not satisfied with the response, you can contact the Banco de España’s Market Conduct and Claims DepartmentAbre en ventana nueva. To this end, you have one year from the date you submitted your complaint to your bank. After this deadline expires, the complaint will be rejected.

In the section "How to submit a complaint" we explain step by step the procedure for filing a claim.

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