Control Committee

Compliance with the Code by institutions that adopt it will be supervised by a Control Committee.

The Control Committee on compliance with the Code of Good Practice is made up of 14 members and its functions include:

  • Receipt and evaluation of information on requests, in particular on:

    • Transactions requested, distinguishing between those executed and those denied
    • Foreclosure proceedings on individuals’ homes
    • Treatment of mortgage debt linked to individuals’ homes
    • Claims processed
    • Any other information requested by the Committee
  • Publication of a report every six months assessing the degree of compliance with the Code of Good Practice.
  • Submission of this report to the Committee on the Economy and Competitiveness of the Spanish Parliament.
  • Preparation of the standardised responsible declaration form.
  • Analysis and submission to the Spanish government of proposals on the protection of mortgagors.
  • Publication of the list of institutions adopting the Code of Good Practice.

Also, the Committee resolves interpretative consultations on the Code of Good Practice and prepares a compendiumAbre en ventana nueva with the answers given to these consultations.

    • One appointed by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation, who chairs the Committee and has the casting vote.
    • One appointed by the Banco de España, who acts as secretary.
    • One from the National Securities Market Committee (CNMV).
    • A judge appointed by the General Council of the Judiciary.
    • A court clerk appointed by the Ministry of Justice
    • A notary appointed by the General Council of Notaries.
    • One from the National Institute of Statistics.
    • One from the Spanish Mortgage Association.
    • One from the Council of Consumers and Users.
    • Two representatives of non-governmental associations that carry out social integration work and that are selected by the Ministry of Inclusion and Social Security.
    • Three representatives of the financial sector –banks, savings banks and banking foundations and credit cooperatives-, one from each association representing their interests.

You can consult the work produced by the Control Committee hereAbre en ventana nueva.

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