Request and required documentation

Once informed, the customer will have to submit a request together with documentation proving that the requirements are met, with respect to both the exclusion threshold and the house price limits.

  • Certificate of income and, where applicable, certificate of the filing of Wealth Tax, issued by the State tax revenue service (AEAT) or the competent body of the Autonomous Community, where appropriate, in relation to the last tax year.
  • Last three pay slips received.
  • Certificate issued by the body managing benefits, stating the monthly amount received as unemployment benefits or subsidies.
  • Certificate accrediting social salaries, minimum insertion income, minimum vital income or similar social assistance aid granted by the State, the autonomous communities and local entities.
  • In the case of self-employed workers, if they are receiving benefits for the cessation of activity, the certificate issued by the managing body showing the monthly amount received.
  • Family book or document certifying a domestic partnership.
  • Municipal certificate of registration of the persons registered in the home, with reference to the date of submission of the supporting documents and the previous six months.
  • Declaration of disability, dependency or permanent incapacity for work.
  • Certificates of ownership issued by the Land Registry for each member of the family unit.
  • Deeds of sale of the house and of the arrangement of the mortgage guarantee and other supporting documents, where appropriate, of any other collateral or personal guarantees arranged.

In the event that the bank has in its possession data or supporting documentation on any of the points referred to above, the debtor will be exempt from its accreditation before the entity.

In addition, the debtor may authorize the bank, expressly and in writing, to obtain information directly from the State Tax Administration Agency, Social Security Management Entities and Property and Mercantile Registries.

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